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Email Marketing

Email marketing in its truest sense is soliciting customers by sending them business relevant e-mails. We Love Digital Marketing is an Email Marketing Company in Kolkata.

Email Marketing Strategies effective for Local Businesses

  • We generate leads through our Email marketing campaigns.
  • We help you gain more visitor traffic on your website by providing effective newsletter services.
  • We use different techniques to fetch various customers email IDs, and use email marketing tools like Mail Chimp, Get Response to develop email marketing campaigns.
  • With our effective email content writing, we help your business's marketing campaigns take to reach its customers even faster.
  • We also generate reports to see the effectiveness of your email marketing campaigns to help you get a better idea of the ROI guaranteed by us.
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Why choose us?

The email marketing campaigns held by us are strategically planned by our team of experts and designed by our professional designers to catch the attention of your customers at once; that is guaranteed to get you a better conversion rate.